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FanMagic®-is a hardware-firmware device that realizes a temperature-based automatic-fan-speed control. Reducing of the fan speed as the temperature drops minimizes the system acoustic noise, prolongs fans service life period, diminishes power consumption. The controller assures early diagnostics of fan failures and increases reliability of hardware functioning due to the overall monitoring of cooling system and signalling in case of failures. The use of controller combined with the system with redundant cooling facilities allows to design fault-tolerant system with long-life performance.
FanMagicX includes all features of FanMagic and in addition:
- serial line communication with computer via COM-port.
- WatchDog timer (automatically restart the computer that is hung up).
Voltage measurement
3 channels of voltage measuring (+5V, +12V rails and fan voltage)
Temperature measurement
Up to 2 channels of temperature remote sensing (using remote thermistors)
Chime and warning light (buzzer and “alarm/error” red LED)
Connected Fans
- up to 4 pcs. of 12VDC fans with 3-pin connector (3-rd wire is frequence generator - tachometer. Nominal rotation speed of fans from 1500 to 20000 RPM.
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature Range: 0~50ºC
Measuring Temperature Range: 0~70ºC (2 sensors)
Power Supply
- 4-pin connector to power from computer PSU.
Two possible connector types:
     • TH-4F (4x5.08mm) the same as in HDD
     • THU-4F (4x2.5mm) the same as in FDD
+12V 0~2A (fan's depended)
Dimensions without Mounting Panel 5.25" (mm)
Height: 16
Width: 30
Length: 75
Net weight: 0.05kg
Only for FanMagicX, in addition
-Connection to computer COM port: fixed 9600bit/s, 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit operation.
-WatchDog Timer
Timeout up to 76 sec.
Time quantization 0.3 sec.
Galvanic isolation (optocouple) of contacts "reset"
Ordering Information Part number Description
Connector type FanMagic, FanMagicX
FanMagic-U, FanMagicX-U
Controller with power connector TH-4F look at the photo>>
Controller with power connector THU-4F look at the photo>>
Controller type FanMagic
Controller with connection to computer
Controller FanMagicX in chassis DL36

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